Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication Jobs

Introduction to Aluminium Fabrication Jobs

Aluminium fabrication is a lucrative business – since aluminium can be found just about anywhere and is used in just about every construction-related, transportation-related or electronics-related industry. Most jobs that refer to the actual aluminium fabrication do not require much education, although skills might be necessary (like physical strength and experience in the same or a similar job).

Possible Jobs in the Aluminium Fabrication Industry

Just like with any kind of industry, there are two types of jobs – the ones that are involved in the actual aluminium fabrication process, and the auxiliary or management jobs.  The jobs that are actually involved in the fabrication process include cutting, fabricating and assembling aluminium products or, for more advanced employees, the actual design of layouts and plan sequences for the fabrication process.  For the planning stage, geometry and trigonometry knowledge can be useful, but actual experience with the aluminium work will definitely supplant any possible courses in the field.  The final part refers to quality assurance, verifying that standards are being followed in the fabrication process.

Jobs in the field may include working with specialized tools like fabricating machines (breaks, rolls, shears, flame cutters, drill presses) but also hammers and other classical physical job tools.  For all these jobs, experience in the field is a very good advantage – constant use of metal fabricating tools will develop the necessary skill.

Finding a Job in the Aluminium Fabrication Industry

If you're trying to find an aluminium fabrication job in your area, the best place to start searching is the Aluminium Federation – which is basically a trade association, representing the interests of all companies working in the aluminium industry.  The Aluminium Federation website ( is the best place to start searching for the major aluminium companies in the country.  It also has the added advantage of keeping up to date with the latest norms and regulations in the field, being a good resource for self-improvement.  Since the federation itself has standards and constantly checks on its members, you can rest assured that a company part of the federation will most likely respect the health and safety standards.

Other options are typical job websites that will inform you of vacancies in any field, including the metal and aluminium fabrication:

  • JobRapido – Presents 82 vacancies in the aluminium fabrication industry.
  • Trovit – Has a database of 75 jobs in the aluminium fabrication industry.
  • JobIsJob – Has a list of 51 vacancies in the aluminium fabrication industry.
  • indeed - Returns 74 vacancies in the aluminium fabrication industry.
  • Total Jobs – Has 14 vacancies in the aluminium fabrication industry.

Although it might be easier to find jobs on a job website, the number of applicants will also be significantly higher.  The truth is that all companies enjoy a personalised approach and the good jobs might be offered to those who come with references from associates – which means that the Aluminium Federation approach might provide a better and longer lasting solution.