Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication Products

Introduction to Aluminium Fabrication Products

If one was to write a list on the products that can be fabricated from aluminium, the list would be endless! Aluminium fabricated products are used in our every day lives, mostly going unnoticed. Besides the enormous amounts of jobs and money created by this industry, it is not glamorous or a common topic of discussion over a pint in the pub, but it has affected our way of life beyond compare.

The best way to convey the absolute scale and diversity of products available is to break them into sections. Construction, Lifestyle, and Technology:


Aluminium fabrication products have revolutionized the construction industry. From door and window frames to, handles, blinds and ladders used by builders, aluminium fabrications can be used for all sorts of applications, as well as for transporting their tools in the canopies on their trucks. From lightweight tools to durable hinges and locks and easy to install aluminium fabricated roof trusses -aluminium has changed our lives. Aluminium is even used as insulation. One sheet of aluminium fabricated insulation is equal to 4 rows of bricks! Changing simple poles into works of art, and making extractor fans look like the work of designers, aluminium is here to stay.


Aluminium pots and pans have made many a house wife and chef grin from ear to ear as they are quick to heat, easy to lift and fairly inexpensive. Aluminium fabrication has also introduced us to aluminium cans with 63% of the worlds aluminium cans being recycled each year. Aluminium roof racks have made those camping trips a little easier, and aluminium fabricated awnings keep us shaded from the sun. Dog bowls and tea pots, tent poles, base ball bats and even aluminium LED torches- this non-rusting, pliable, shiny alloy has crept into our lives in more ways than we can imagine!

Medicine and Technology

The Aluminium space blanket is part of standard stock for any self respecting first aid kit. Keeping the body temperature regulated better than any other product on the market, it is light weight and waterproof and ideal for any emergency situation - it is often used for marathon runners and new born babies.

Aluminium fabrication may be the single most important step in reducing carbon emissions from cars – lighter cars weigh less, and less weight requires less fuel to move it. Simple! Another form of transport fabricated aluminium has been very useful for is air transport. The light weight of an aluminium alloy has allowed man to reach further and higher, faster and safer than ever before, and its anti corrosive properties mean that less paint is needed, saving even more weight on the planes.

When it comes to conducting electricity, aluminium wires are not only cheaper, they can also conduct around 60% of the volume that copper wires are able to. They are also much, much lighter, resulting in the supporting structures not needing to be so strong and heavy. Aluminium is also easier to work with as it is softer and more flexible than copper.